Softfall >1m X 1m Platile Mats

Softfallguys commercial grade 1m x 1m x 15mm rubber mats are super resilient, hardy,chemical resistant, UV stable and priced from $70+gst (+delivery if required) per mat (less depending upon quantity!)

They can be used with our 15-50mm thick Shockpad cushion under mats that give and provide comfort, safety aspects and Australian Playground Compliance!

Residential Users Note: A lower cost solution for home users who only need a few or are happy with a residential grade mat and shockpad for their Kid DIY play areas we suggest you visit a Bunnings store play equipment area for their cheaper residential grade 1m x 1m x 13mm playground mat and (if you need more cushioning) 20mm shockpad….


The mats are functional,  versatile, durable, and slip resistant and suitable for many applications including:


  • As DIY Kids playground mats in backyards and indoor play areas, patios and the like
  • As an alternative to more costly softfall (we can provide a cushion mats that makes the mat part of a ”safety surfacing system” that complies to Australian Playground Surfacing Standards)
  • Kid Indoor playgrounds within childcare facilities
  • Aged Care flooring and in other environments where safety is paramount and even
  • In industrial and commercial settings (train stations, councils, power companies…)
  • Easy installation following our manual ensures that the DIY option is super easy.


NOTE: these mats are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic and made for Australian conditions…very unlike imported mats.

Benefits you achieve;

  • Cost effective
  • Easy DIY
  • Great colours
  • Strong and hardy
  • Porous for water drainage
  • Suitable for in and outdoors
  • Anti slip safety mat
  • Perfect floor mats for various uses and applications
  • Sound absorbing mats
  • Great as playground or backyard mats


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