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For all the above we help you maintain a good looking hardy rubber softfall impact surface, safe play environment and help eliminate legal liability due to injury!
When a softfall surface gets old and well worn there are other options available to you before investing in a new softfall surface….the main choices are;
Holes and tears like the ones here and in our Photo Gallery (and videos or see can be costly for you, children and other users or your playground! Ones reputation and legal liability is always on the line so we act fast for our customers to bring any softfall damage up to Australian Standard and;
  • Fix unsightly surfaces
  • Fix dangerous holes and tears
  • Reinstate play surfaces to OH&S standards and by doing so fast
  • Eliminate legal risk and ramifications from someone (children etc) hurting themselves
If a surface and its base is sound we can resurface your existing softfall with a new surface in nearly any colour you desire making the surface like near new, extending the life of the existing softfall. This method leverages an existing cushion base and saves money as there is no need for labour and tipping to pull up all that old rubber. See our image gallery for some cool examples.
Dont have time to undertake maintenance? We undertake maintenance programs to meet your need and budget. Most work is carried out immediately to within 48 hours noting always that as our binders are inherently moisture / humidity sensitive and project start and completion will also depend uponweather, location and size of project.
We are equipment to undertake ongoing maintenance of shire parks etc.
Do you have a rubber surface that is sound but looks tatty, rubber particles are every where and you have worn rubber all over your carpark?
We can fix all the holes and recoat the surface with the latest technology softfall surface coatings in just about any colour and pattern you desire making it fresh and great looking again while extending the life of the surface for a more years.
Contact us for more detail and see examples in our Photo Gallery.