Renovate Old Softfall – Add Shapes and Patterns!
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Surface Renovation – Coatings
Have a good sturdy and compliant softfall surface but the surface looks a little tatty, old, tired? Maybe you need to add a pattern, shape, lines or a design to your existing softfall, wetpour or tile/mat system? In comes Aerocool coating the latest Australian innovation in playground softfall surface coating that utilizes factory-controlled product consistency, easy on-site installation methods, has a sealed top surface membrane and offers bright colours with UV resistance and heat reflection…and is repaintable forever. You can achieve this recoat the surface in just about any colour and pattern you desire making it sharp looking while extending the life of the surface for a few years.
  • AeroCool coating is specially formulated for maximum elasticity and is able to flex with a rubber softfall surface when under pressure.
  • AeroCool finish is totally sealed, making it easy to clean and able to be used indoors and in areas where liquids and drinks may be spilled onto the surface.
  • AeroCool is a painted surface, enabling intricate designs unlike any other recreational surfacing. AeroCool is also non-toxic, so for a truly personalised touch, let your children add their creativity to the surface
  • AeroCool is a complete system, providing all the necessary components to comply to Australian safety requirements.
  • The light pastel colour options available with the AeroCool system enable heat to be reflected, making it ideal in hot, fully sun exposed applications.
  • AeroCool coating can be purchased separately for touch-ups and re-designs of an already laid softfall surface, or for decorating rubber surfaces in need of rejuvenation.
  • AeroCool is the only softfall surface coatings that provides a non-porous, non-slip and waterproof surface. Contact us for more detail and see our Photo Gallery for examples of our work.
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  • Uses heavy-bodied premium grade acrylic coating fortified with non-slip microspheres and high quality pigments
  • Helps in refurbishing old rubber surfaces
  • Protects against moisture retention and surface degradation
  • Unaffected by adverse weather conditions – rain, snow, sunlight or wind
  • Excellent cohesive strength, flexibility and durability
  • Can be easily applied using a brush or roller
Softfallguys National Softfallguys National
Softfallguys National Softfallguys National
Softfallguys National Softfallguys National