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Use as standalone commercial grade ASTD’s certified shockpads or in unison with the Platiles to form the certified system!

We offer varying thickness low density cushion mats and shockpads that when used under our 1mx1m coloured mats form a mats system for playspaces.

Our 1m x 1m shockpads also work perfectly under gym mats and synthetic turf as well providing a super comfortable turf surface.

  • 1m x 1m Shockpads 70% Rubber / 30% EPS
  • 15mm, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45mm and 50mm* 1m x 1m mats

Used specifically for super efficient playground underlay installations Shockpads are the popular choice by smart users/contractors looking for guaranteed surface compliance and installation savings. Shockpads have become very popular with thousands of square meters installed under synthetic grass and wetpour rubber playground surfaces every year.

The Shockpad main raw material component is 4 mesh rubber tyre buffings which ideally matrix for the endurance required in repetitive impact conditions. SRP Shockpads have low rebound forces attributable to the addition of 30% expanded polystyrene beads (EPS) which reduces the potential for long bone injuries.

Shockpads are quick to install, they aren’t affected by rain, cold conditions or direct sunlight and they don’t blow away during installation in windy conditions.

Shockpads can be palletised up to 1600mm high. To determine how many units fit per pallet simply divide your thickness requirement by the palletisable height. For example: 1600mm ÷ 25mm shockpads = 64 tiles.

All orders are plastic capped and shrink wrapped, then strapped to the pallet for secure transportation.

For more information see Platiles, Gym Mats, Softfall or simply give us a call.


Residential TIP: A lower cost residential grade 20mm cushion mat for home users who only need a few years or are happy with a unrated & uncertified residential shockpads for their Kids DIY play/other areas we suggest you visit a Bunnings (see Gym & Swing Slide here & shockpads here store play equipment area for their cheaper residential grade 1m x 1m x 20mm playground shockpad ….


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