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Softfallguys ~ Softfall and wetpour safety surfacing are amazing products yet they are not perfect!
They are not like mass manufactured products as they are hand installed and finished by craftsman specialised in this trade.
Softfall and wetpour surfacing “material” also has its limitations….. like concrete and other external finishes the material is susceptible to the elements including; foot traffic, shade fade, fade, colour variance, abrasives, impact, vandalism, heat, UV, water and moisture (to name a few) each of which is out of our control.

We use our own proprietary systems and always use one of the two best products (NOT chinese) and colours on the market all chosen for their resilience and abilities to resist and battle the elements.

Read on;

We request you do your own due diligence on the products you choose, and IMPORTANTLY on our Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) and Manufacturers Product and Limitation / Testing Sheets as they apply to all our products, work and services.

The following T&C’s apply to every product and service we quote and supply and are as per the 1st January 2017, we continue to reserve the right to make and publish changes to our T&C’s and Privacy Policies;

Download & Read our Disclaimer or Softfallguys Terms and Conditions 2020

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