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Platile & Shockpad Installation Guide

Softfallguys commercial grade & Certified to comply with Australian Standards for playground surfacing 1m x 1m x 15mm rubber Platile mats are super resilient, hardy, chemical resistant, UV stable and priced FROM $55 – $95+gst (+at cost delivery if required or you can pickup) per mat (do request a quote for all order sizes as price will vary). Use as a system with Shockpads

  • See how its done, get a before and after look at our Platiles going down transforming any indoor or outdoor area into a soft comfortable play of living space, See video here.
Shockpads can be added underneath (certified compliant to Australian Standard ASNZ 4422:1996) the Platiles and come in 15 to 50mm thick Shockpad cushion tiles. Shockpads achieve softfall and synthetic turf comfort, safety aspects, meeting Australian Playground Compliance and satisfaction you and visitors are protected by the best shockpad system on the Australian market!

Residential TIP

A lower cost “residential” grade thinner mat solution for home users who only need a few years wear or are happy with a unrated & uncertified residential grade mat and shockpads for their Kid DIY play areas.
TIP! An option is to visit a Bunnings (see Gym & Swing Slide here & shockpads here store play equipment area for their cheaper “residential grade” 1m x 1m x 9-13mm playground mat and (if you need more cushioning) 20mm shockpad….
You can paint shapes on them, synthetic turf them or leave them as they are!
Our Platiles and shockpads are Trade or DIY, commercial or residential functional, versatile, durable, slip resistant and suitable for many applications including:
NOTE: these mats are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic and made for Australian conditions…very unlike imported mats.
Softfallguys National Softfallguys National
Softfallguys Certified 1mx1m Shockpad Prices 2022
  • All Abilities applications and environments
  • As DIY Kids playground mats in backyards and indoor play areas, patios and the like
  • As an alternative to more cost softfall (we can provide a cushion mats that makes the mat part of a ”safety surfacing system” that complies to Australian Playground Surfacing Standards)
  • Kid Indoor playgrounds within childcare facilities
  • In industrial and commercial settings (train stations, councils, power companies…)
  • Easy installation following our manual ensures that the DIY option is super easy
  • As with all our products we provide “wont be beaten on price…ever!” and 24×7 phone/video call help on design, prep, install and issue resolution

Benefits you achieve :

  • Easy DIY (childcare facilities etc)
  • Great colours
  • Strong, lasting and hardy
  • Porous for water drainage
  • Suitable for in and outdoors
  • Anti slip safety mat
  • Perfect floor mats for various uses and applications
  • Sound absorbing mats
  • Great as playground or backyard mats

Go ahead…..

Softfallguys National Softfallguys National
Softfallguys National Softfallguys National
Softfallguys National Softfallguys National