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Carnivale Colour Fusion Brochure 2022
Softfall – Carnivale Color Fusion Premium
Carnivãle Colour Fusion softfall mixes are pre-blended combinations of different types of rubber granules, providing effective and easy multicolour options.
Pre-blended mixes consist of three type and price ranges, Berry, Vista and Shade.
  • Berry mixes are made up of EPDM and CSBR,
  • Vista mixes are all CSBR, and
  • Shade mixes are CSBR and black SBR.
Carnivale colours are like no other, being the only factory colour blend available, and providing colour consistenency with up to large project sizes to 900m² are possible.


Berry, Vista and Shade all have different price ranges as they have varying ratios of CSBR and more costly EPDM granules.


Inform yourself…read Manufacturers product detail so you are best informed
Unless more expensive UV stable product is chosen colour WILL vary after installation due to UV and other factors

Choose colours carefully especially if being installed in direct sun as UV and high heat during and after installation will make the material change to a pastel colour ASK us for design support so we can guide you, your engineer, builder or architect.

Other must read information sheets:

  • Wetpour Yellowing
  • Weather, Fade and UV Resistance of EPDM or CSBR
  • Weather and UV exposure
  • UV Exposure example

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