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Mad Mulch
Mad Mulch© rubber is a quality mix and poured in product made from a black recycled rubber mix of different fine (known as 12 mesh) and medium (5 mesh) grades and sizes, and is coloured (mainly ochre/red) with quality Australian colour oxides giving a textured effect in no/low traffic areas including gardens, child care and other like areas.
Surface textures and colour will vary as each manufacturers grades and colours supply varies from time to time.
Different mix of grades and sizes of rubber delivers a textured surface finish and if required we can provide real chunky textures looking almost like wood bark chips.
Mad Mulch :
  • Appears similiar to garden mulch (in a rough bark chip looking surface texture or a finer surface texture)
  • Eliminates the need to constantly replemish wood mulch
  • Stops dogs from digging up gardens
  • Saves water hindering evaporation from the soil


Softfallguys SafePath
Softfallguys SafePath
  • Footpaths, tree surrounds, seating comfort zones
  • Slip resistant, impact absorbing qualities
  • Resilient and adjusts to tree root growth
  • Retains sand where it should be
  • Easily blown off (no more sweeping)
  • Porous to allow water filtration and aeration
  • Resilient to water pooling
  • Wont crack, installed only to a sound subbase
  • 36 colours, SBR pre coloured enviro rubber
  • See more here
Softfallguys SafePath
SafePath entire suburb
Softfallguys Safe Path
SafePath Protecting trees
Softfallguys Safe Path
SafePath elimate concrete trips

We are the pioneers of SafePath initially developed for high impact curb, pavement and footpath areas that need a hardy surface that will not hinder tree growth whilst eliminate root systems lifting concrete. Our rubber SafePath like our MadMulch tree surrounds has been applied in schools for managing tree growth, student sitting, entire suburb footpaths, footpath repair, roundabouts, rail line infill and much more.

We have 1000’s images and videos of our work…visit our Photo Gallery for more examples or contact us for more information.