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A1 Rubber Critical Fall Height Graph - Rubber As 4422:2016
Surface Rejuvenator
Have a good playground surface BUT its balling (are you sweeping up rubber all the time?) or faded….have rubber mats that smell or need sealing?
Well you can pull up and replace the old softfall, skin a new layer over the top OR you can get a few more years out of that old softfall playground surface with Softfallguys Surface Rejuvenator.
One FINE clear coat will add new life and very possibly increase colour to the old surface by re-binding the rubber surface and rejuvenating the colour or you can choose to REcolour the surface with our Colour Rejuvenator which will restore a new coloour to the surface.
Whatever you choose Softfallguys Rejuvenator is a cost effective method to spruce up that old looking playground.
If your a DIY ASK and READ the installation instructions first.