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Promote Themed Play For Children With Playform Animals & Shapes
Playform Rubber Animals, Shapes & Lightning Protection
Get creative with playground designs, using our large range of rubber animals and shapes. All Playform™ animals and shapes are available in our standard range of earthy colours: red, light & dark green, blue and dark blue precoloured softfall. Playform™ provides unparalleled playground safety, with low fall heights and great impact absorbing capability. These products are best used in a supervised childcare type application. They are not really up for very high teenage type use as they will wear prematurely if over-used for their intended application.
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Lightning Mats
Need protection under work benches, around posts or anywhere lightning or electrical may become an issue… let us know your scenario and we can explore the solution.
Balance Log 300cm x 27cm x 50cm, 70cm steel shafts Balance Log
Half Sphere – Large 80cm dia x 40cm Half Sphere 80
Half Sphere – Medium 60cm dia x 30cm Half Sphere 60
Half Sphere – Small 40cm dia x 20cm Half Sphere 40
Small Rock* 50cm dia x 30cm Sm Rock
Medium Rock 50cm dia x 36cm Med Rock
Large Rock 50cm dia x 45cm Lge Rock
Scary Crocodile 220cm x 90cm x 30cm Scary Crocodile
Gentle Dolphin 220cm x 90cm x 46cm Gentle Dolphin
Slithery Snake 220cm x 90cm x 20cm Slithery Snake
Nosey Platypus 220cm x 90cm x 25cm Nosey Platypus
Spike the Frilly Lizard 220cm x 90cm x 30cm Spike Lizard
Very Slow Turtle 100cm x 70cm x 50cm Very Slow Turtle
Little Frog 75cm x 60cm x 60cm

Little Frog

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Softfallguys National Softfallguys National
Softfallguys National Softfallguys National
Softfallguys National Softfallguys National