Softfall >1m X 1m Platile Mats
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EPDM Softfall

We now offer two quality EPDM Australian supplied product you can choose from and we supply all support detail (fade, UV, slip tests etc) so you know what you are getting and can make informed decision on product.

Australian market has 3 types of EPDM softfall, Australian made, sourced & proven, imported Malaysian or cheaper chinese imported.

Ask us for the brochures of our premium and mid range EPDM product or download the pdf!

DO your homework before you choose for they all have different attributes.

EPDM (or chemically known as Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber granule  are a man made coloured throughout, more delicate, high quality high end higher than CSBR cost product, used extensively in Australia for rubber safety surfacing.

EPDM is a bead which is fully cloured throughout coming in 25kg bags and is easy to trowel in multi coloured speckles, patterns and shapes.
This product is ideal for high end applications, areas that scream bright colours and is great in hard wearing areas as it can be worn down and still retain a constant colour (no black showing through)!
EPDM comes in a multitude of colours where we give you the choice of mixing colours to form multi colour blends giving you the speckle effects you want to achieve.
Ask us for more information or samples to be sent to you!
EPDM Primoflex 2022 Brochure


Inform yourself…read Manufacturers product detail so you are best informed Unless more expensive UV stable EPDM is chosen colour WILL vary after installation due to UV and other factors.
Choose colours carefully especially if being installed in direct sun as UV and high heat during and after installation will make the material change to a pastel colour ASK us for design support so we can guide you, your engineer, builder or architect.

Other must read information & HINT sheets:

  • Wetpour Yellowing
  • Weather, Fade and UV Resistance of EPDM or CSBR
  • Weather and UV exposure
  • UV Exposure example