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Softfallguys – Traqua WaterPark
Now you have a latest generation affordable and fun rubber surfacing to create thrilling water environments with Traqua – the possibilites are endless!
There are not many affordable choices in this type surfacing yet A1 Rubber has formulated Traqua as the wet area surfacing material designed specifically for poolsides, splash parks and water parks providing a cushioned non-slip surface for all wet to dry outdoor applications.
Traqua has been tested for non-slip properties, durability, density and U.V. resistance. Its non-slip properties and durability are excellent for high-traffic use and its smaller granule sizes allow for higher density and compaction for a firm surface.
Bright colours have been developed with special U.V resistance to be more resistant to fading in areas with high sun exposure.
Featuring :
  • An intricate, close-knit network of EPDM granules that create a tighter surface than conventional pour in place rubber systems.
  • A specially developed range of bright, U.V. resistant candy colours are available for features and cut-ins.
  • Provides an absorbing and extremely non-slip surface for areas that could otherwise be hard and slippery.
  • Custom colour blends are available upon request.
  • Easily maintained.
Benefits :
  • Specially designed for pool sides and wet areas.
  • Available in lighter colours that allow the surface to reflect heat and remain cool.
  • Provides underfoot comfort with a bright, attractive, modern finish.
  • Granules are coloured all of the way through for visual longevity.
  • Totally porous surface which allows the water to drain or dry out quickly.

Other MUST reads before choosing include:

  • Fade, UV and test data sheets.
  • If externally used colour change after install may occur due to UV and heat on the day
  • Colour may move to more pastel colour
Softfallguys National Softfallguys National
Softfallguys National Softfallguys National
Softfallguys National Softfallguys National